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Monday, July 24, 2006

Why Democrats Lose Elections to Morons

The only people that could have lost the presidency to George W. Gump were Al "no spine" Gore and The Horse Faced Killah, John Kerry. And you know what? The Dems dug these winners up out of all the population in the country just so that we the people of the untied states of America could lose all faith in this so called democracy.

Well, in another brain-gem of an idea, democrat Hillary "finger on the pulse of non-issues" Clinton may be about to suggest a special tax for video games in much the same way as they now have taxes on cigarettes.

Now, you'd think with republivangelism keeping things like stem cell research from moving forward or with an un-winnable war at hand there would be something better to talk about than taxing video games?

I'm gonna hope this is just a rumor and that the Democrats are not this clueless... but who knows anymore.

The best thing the democrats could do right now, other than suggest taxes for video games (God help us), would be to put Obama in charge of all party operations. He seems to be the only one with any dignity, intelligence, and compassion.

Come to think about it, I'm gonna write Obama in on the ballot no matter if he runs or not. I think we should start an underground movement for this. Screw whoever the dems nominate. You know it'll be a loser. They're known for pickin' losers. Write in Obama!

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Tie Shoes Faster and Other Shoe Coolness!

For no real reason, here are the coolest things related to shoes...

This guy featured on RocketBoom figured out a way to tie shoe laces more efficiently. Thank god. See the video...

This guy figured out how to make the ipod nano track how far you run (even without Nike+ shoes!) You can buy the ipod Nike Sport Kit here.

This guy figured out how to shine shoes in 5 minutes.

This is "a simple plastic netting that fits over shoes to provide traction on ice and snow." It's just sweet. For just $20... I am so getting these this winter.

And, last but not least... the gratuitous Man Sandal pic (aka "the Mandal").

This pic is from, Dawg. This guy has cornered the Man Sandle Market with his site designed conveniently for Google adsense. Wanna monetize your Mandal site, blog, or website? Try Google Adsense. You can follow my link under "Necessities".

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Best Coke + Mentos Video Ever!

Call it child abuse or whatever... but this is the funniest Coke Mentos video ever! This guy got his kids to make Coke Mentos Weapons! Yes that's right... we've all thought about it... but this guy did it... and he made Coke Mentos Guns and had his kids shoot each other in the face with them.

I love these people.

Here are some other helpful items:

How To Make a Coke Mentos Rocket

and for those interested... here's the Science behind the Coke and Mentos Phenomenon

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Stacey Dash - Babe of the Week

In honor of her recent Playboy apperance I'm happy to bring you a little video montage of Stacy Dash. Now it's probably only a matter of time before youtube removes this video so enjoy while you can...

If the video is down here are the obvious places to look for the pics...



BTW, did you know she's 40 year old? All I can say is wow... she looks like she's in her 20's.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If You Won The Lottery?

There is this show on NBC about people that win the lottery and how it raises all kinds of ethical and moral dilemmas and situations. So I wanted to share the top 10 things I'd do if I won the lottery...

Move and change my name and identity to look like this guy...

Invest some of the money in stocks

3. Buy a cape and a mask.

Fight Criminals and kill them with sacks of money.

Drop clues for police about who the masked and caped money beating vigilante is.

Buy a condo.

7. Eat really good tacos and rice made by my sexy latin maid, Manuela La Noblanca.

Take up yachting.

9. Punch yachting instructor in the face.

(... This Guy)

Constantly take Doctor Porkenheimer's Boner Juice and "go commando" wearing sweatpants in local malls.

Oh, if there was enough money for a #11... I'd start a Christian Rock Band named "Foot up a Devil's Ass".

What would you do?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Setting a Good Example...

Ever want to put your hands on a female co-worker and give her a little massage? Sure you have... but you didn't! That could be considered sexual harassment and is not something professionals do in the work place. That is unless you are George "Dubya" Bush...

Way to go. Yee-Ha!!!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Should Hot Teachers Be Prosecuted?

If You Were 13 and a Boy Would You Want to Hit This?
YES!!! As Often as Possible!!!
No, I'm gay.
No, I'm a hater and don't want anyone to have fun.
No, I'm a lawyer and make money from things like this being illegal.
No, Jesus hates hot sex.
Free polls from

Can we BE REAL! People try to fit life to laws and rules of order that in theory make sense but sometimes we just gotta make exceptions. Especially when there is no victim!

Now this is somewhat old news but common, honestly... can we stop prosecuting slutty hot teachers (aka Pamela Rogers) for banging under age boys?!? I mean every heterosexual boy wants ass like this from the time of his very first pubes. Probably slightly before that. And if a attractive older woman wants to give that to him then where is the crime? What's the worst that could happen? He could become class stud? He could gain a lot of confidence? What? Where is the bad in this?

I mean this is such the dream come true for young men that Van Halen even wrote a song about this... any one ever hear of "Hot for Teacher"!

I'm convinced it's just a bunch of sexually repressed haters! Straight Haters! Look at this situation?

If you were 13 and a boy would you want to hit this? Let's take a poll...

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Iron Man Movie Announcement - Summer 2008

God Bless Marvel! And let's not forget Stan Lee!

Due for May 2nd 2008 Marvel will present the story of billionaire weapons-manufacturer, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) in their first independently produced feature film.

This should be badass.

Keep an eye on the Internet Movie Database for more info.

The Real Bat Boy?

We all know his adventures of Bat Boy from the fine reporting done by the Weekly World News...

but the question remained: Is Bat Boy real or just tabloid sensationalism. Well we don't know. But now we know it is possible that people can do as Bats do...

Ben Underwood is blind as a bat. But he can do almost anything that people with vision can do using a technique called echolocation. This is the same technique that bats use to get around. It's pretty amazing really. Makes me think he'd be a great ninja...

Coke / Mentos Mayhem - Attempt #1

This turned out weak as hell... but we are not giving up...

Do Ninjas Love?

This is a serious look at the trials and tribulations involved in being both a Lover and Ninja.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MoCho 4 Eva!

If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez = Bennifer


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie = Brangelina


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes = TomKat

then it only make sense that...

Mauri Povich and Connie Chung = MoCho

Speaking of which, at least my life isn't this bad...

it comes close at times... but not quite that bad.

Man, I feel bad for that kid... who ever it's pops might be...

Mentos and Coke

Apparently if you drop some mentos into a 2 litter of diet coke there is a cool explosive reaction...

and apparently the makers of mentos are being cool as hell saying...

"We are tickled pink by it"

and the makes of coke are being lame as hell saying...

"We would hope people want to drink [Diet Coke] more than try experiments with it"
- Quotes taken from here.

but regardless, publicity is publicity and now both the makers of coke and mentos are offering contests where people can do fun stuff with diet coke and mentos geyser explosion things.


The Coke Show

I'm just waiting for Steve-o to hear about this!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Bush Drunk?

Man, I Love Soccer!

But, in honesty, I'd probably enjoy watching these girls do just about anything.

WARNING: There is no need to watch this if you're gay.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Must be the Year of White People Dancing

I can't believe this guy can do all these dance moves... he looks like a balding middle aged father. Freakin funny...

Must be the year of white people dancing... I just blogged about this guy a few days ago