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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

America and Racism

There is a significant difference between ‘True Racists’ and the Mel Gibson / Michael Richards, aka Kramer, variety. Here’s the difference:

‘True Racists’ say racist stuff because they actually believe it and it makes them “feel better than others" to preach it. But guys like Mel and Mike just get angry and want to be hurtful in the most verbally extreme way they can think of. So one is preaching racial superiority and one is just angry and lashing out. It's a big difference and it's one that I'm not sure America is sophisticated enough to differentiate.

Here’s an example;

True Racist:

Notice, he takes himself seriously. He’s not about to apologize. His logic is clearly flawed but it works for him because it makes him “feel better than others”. He is a real loser.

I hope this helps clarify things. Some people just need anger management, some people are just stupid.

The only appropriate place for racism is jokes. They teach us not to take ourselves so seriously. So laugh a little you cracker b!tch n!gger spic mick fag fvckers!!!


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As an African American and Seinfeld fan, I must say that I don't believe Michael Richards to be a true racist. I agree that this is an example of someone just lashing out in the worst way he thought at the time. If the hecklers were white, he would have probably made some kind of trash / trailer-park type of remark. Let's not make him pay for this the rest of his life.

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